So what we are doing throughout this entire list of articles on this web page is just talking a bunch about the most legendary Hollywood screenwriters of all time, and we obviously know that there are a bunch of screenwriters and directors that we can talk about for the most part and we are just really happy to have you all here on this page as we continue to talk more about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters because there is definitely a lot that we can learn from these guys in terms of making a bunch of money as a writer just in general and it is definitely true that for the most part people who are successful screenwriters can sometimes make even more money than successful novelists and things like that, so we should definitely consider this type of thing because for the most part there are a bunch of people out there who think that they are hot shit and can do whatever they want in the world but of course to get anything out of the world and to make your mark as a writer in general it is very difficult and can sometimes never happen for you if you don’t work hard enough. We know that there are countless amounts of writers and screenwriters out there who are just trying to get their first big break in Hollywood and get a name for themselves, and it is such an incredibly high glass ceiling to break through for the most part but being here on this site is definitely going to help you break through that glass ceiling as we continue to talk more about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters and their work. What we can promise you is that by reading about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters you are definitely going to see a bunch of movies and have access to some screenplays that are known as some of the best and most legendary, and by learning from these screenwriters you can in turn become a better screenwriter yourself, and this is of course something that we are all trying to do for the most part, so let’s continue to talk more about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters.

So the next of the legendary Hollywood screenwriters that we are going to be talking about is a guy named Ernest Lehman, and I think for the most part we can definitely say that this guy was a part of some of the most iconic movies of all time, and he definitely did so much during the 1950s and sixties to the point that he was just by far one of the most incredible screenwriters in Hollywood history. So what we should definitely be considering for the most part as we continue to talk more about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters is that people like Ernest Lehman earned their way to the top, and of course just wrote incredible stories that the studios fell in love with right away. Some of his best achievements include North by Northwest which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock as well as The Sound of Music, West Side Story and The King and I, and I think that most people have seen these movies at least at some point, and of course those last three are musicals too so he also is known for being a really great songwriter as well as a screenwriter and I think that is partly why he is known as one of the most legendary Hollywood screenwriters.