Oliver Stone

So now that it is pretty obvious that we are talking about some of the most legendary Hollywood screenwriters in history it is pretty cool to still have you here on this page because we know that there are of course a bunch of web pages in which you could go about and learn a lot about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters but because we are the ones giving you this information online we are just super happy to have you here and that means a lot to us too because we know that there are just a bunch of people out there in the world who would die to have this type of information so that they could become better screenwriters themselves. This is kind of the whole point of making this entire web page because we know that there are a bunch of screenwriters out there who are just trying to do the best that they possibly can and just make some cool stories for the most part, and this is of course something that we think is super important because we know that there are a bunch of people out there who care a lot about this type of subject to read about because by learning about the legendary screenwriters of Hollywood and their work in the past you too can become a better writer and that is what this type of web page is all about for the most part. So thanks for being here as we continue to talk more about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters and we hope that you really get a lot out of what we have to say about these incredible film minds, so let’s continue to talk more about the legendary Hollywood screenwriters.

So the next of the legendary Hollywood screenwriters that we are going to be talking about is a guy who doesn’t come from a long time ago at all but is actually someone who is still alive today and making movies all of the time in Oliver Stone.

Of course Oliver stone has definitely done a bunch of incredible movies throughout his entire career that has spanned since the last 1970s up until now, and we all think of him as the type of guy who has made a bunch of gritty stories that show interesting characters to say the least in a whole array of storylines that we all want know more about. So some of Oliver Stone’s greatest achievements during his illustrious career have been movies like Scarface, Platoon, The Doors, JFK, and Wall Street, and I think that for the most part all of these movies are all really interesting things to do and have a bunch of incredible aspects going on because we know for sure that there are so many people are doing great things with their lives as writers but Oliver Stone of course is just someone who has been doing movies that have changed our culture time and time again, and when we think of a movie like Scarface we should definitely consider it his best movie of all time because it is a legendary movie that is full of intrigue and awesome action, and that is kind of why we think that this movie and his career deserve to be a part of this list of the legendary Hollywood screenwriters.