Outsourcing Inside Sales: Is it Worth It?

Across the globe, companies strive to do more with less. This can mean implementing cost-saving features and work practices, boosting productivity, and even outsourcing key components of the operation. Outsourcing sales is one of the tactics that many companies have leveraged as a means of increasing business opportunities in a cost-effective way. Should your company outsource its inside sales operations? In this article, we’ll take a look at why outsourcing sales can dramatically improve efficiency while boosting profitability.

Factors Influencing Sales Activities

The business world changes constantly, with new technologies, new practices, and new opportunities becoming available each year. Staying abreast of changes in any given market is a significant challenge, especially when companies have an eye on the bottom line in terms of costs. The tools and strategies a company may use in its sales practices may rapidly become ineffective as communication modes and customer preferences evolve. The rise of social media marketing is a perfect example of evolving sales trends, causing many companies to scramble to adjust to the new marketing environment.

Failing to adapt to changes and preferences can lead to lost opportunities in the market. Inside sales teams can become overwhelmed with the demands placed upon them, decreasing the value of their efforts and creating marketing and lead generation cost overruns. It is imperative that companies develop cost-effective means of boosting sales, even in the face of dynamic evolutions in customer behavior.

Improving Efficiency Through Outsourcing Sales

Outsourcing inside sales can be a very cost-effective means of improving the sales outlook for companies of any size. No longer do sales teams have to adapt their tools, their strategies, and their practices to suit customer preferences; an outsourced sales company can handle those aspects the sales operation.

Without scrutiny of sales and marketing costs, companies often find themselves losing out on opportunities to grow. Direct costs, or the cost per lead generated, can build up over time, negatively impacting profitability. The return on investment becomes less and less unless companies can find a way to streamline the sales operation. Leading B2B and telesales firms like SalesFish have focused on creating a streamlined, efficient playing field, helping companies to improve their ROI while generating new sales leads. By leveraging their advanced technologies and sales recruiting practices, outsourced inside and outside sales service providers like SalesFish are able to produce real results at a fraction of the cost of an internal sales operation.

Recruiting some of the finest sales professionals is only part of the picture, but it is the key to success. Highly-trained and highly experienced sales team members make the difference, especially when outsourced sales delivery is adopted. Along with its world-class sales team, SalesFish has developed cutting-edge tools to maximize customer touches, reaching a much larger audience than was ever possible before. Generating leads and converting those leads into valued customers is the hallmark of the SalesFish approach. It is this disciplined, integrated, and value-added method that has allowed the outsourced sales firm to become a leader in its field. Finally, accountability and responsiveness improve efficiency – companies can see where their marketing budget is going and can measure the results accordingly. By adapting to rapidly-changing market dynamics, SalesFish continues to be the premier outsourced inside and outside sales provider for industries of any kind.

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