What is Bitcoin Tumbler? What is the importance of Bitcoin mixing?

Nothing more than a service that provides the possibility of truly anonymous Bitcoin transfers. Thanks to crypto currency, you have a great way to make transfers, purchases or donations, while maintaining confidentiality.However, crypto transactions were never truly anonymous or private. All transactions made using cryptocurrency are stored in a decentralized database of the so-called block-chain and are visible to everyone. As you know, you can track any movements knowing the transaction number or at least just the wallet. And if you let others use a cryptocurrency for the purchase of any product, eventually you will need to provide your personal data as well as the delivery address. And in this case, anonymity and speech can no longer be a smart move. Tracking the transaction chain will not be difficult.

How Bitcoin Mixer Works

If you really want to prevent third parties from accessing your personal data, there are services that allow completely anonymous translations, so-called mixers or Bitcoin tumbler and many others.Bitcoin tumbler, also known as a Bitcoin toggle switch, does one simple thing. It accepts transfers to its separately generated wallet for each user, “shuffles” your transactions with many others, exchanging your funds for funds received from a bunch of other users and making the Bitcoin received transactions are no longer associated with the original senders. Thus, the chain and the connection between the original and the new owner of the cue ball breaks and it becomes impossible to track who transferred the money to whom.

Who and why should use coin-mixers

If you think that such frauds are interesting only for unscrupulous citizens who need to hide dark affairs, you are mistaken. This is generally something that should interest every one of you.In the end, none of the banks, the payment system shows off all your transfers and what is the balance on the wallet as it happens in cryptocurrencies. The inviolability of privacy, personal data, finances, etc. is protected by law in most of the countries.

Conclusion: take the advantage And then, life is unpredictable. Perhaps right now, you have nothing to hide and you don’t even think about it. But who knows and what the hell is not joking, after some time you may regret that some of the numerous transactions you have done 10 years ago are publicly available and connected with you forever.So the next time, when making or receiving a transfer, considers whether it is important for you that no one would know about this transfer. So, do you find it important? Then the Bitcoin laundering is at your disposal. Use and keep anonymity and privacy

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